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Be Free

Be Free 

International Youth Exchange 

28 May - 4 June 2024

Bergolo (CN), Italy


"The desire to use social media can be so strong that it's hard to resist"


In this project, we aim to empower young people with a supportive community where they can increase their digital literacy in addition to learning about a healthy way to use technology. The project structured in two parts: Disconnection and Reconnection

BeFree - Disconnection

First Youth Exchange - disconnecting from technologies and creating meaningfull connections

BeFree - Reconnection

Second Youth Exchange - implementing healthy digital usage practisies and finding balance

Be free

Increase digital literacy

* Learn about a healthy way to use technology

* Immerse in full disconnection from devices
* Transform the relationship with technology

* Step out of the comfort zone 

* Establish meaningful connections in the offline world

Project Goals

  • 18 to 24 years old

  • enthusiastic about the project idea

  • ready to go through 6 days of digital disconnection

  • want to create live connections in the offline world

  • open to doing communal work such as helping in the kitchen, some cleaning, etc.

  • committed to participating in the project through all the phases (preparation, exchange program, follow-up activities)

  • resident in one of participating countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, or Portugal

  • able to communicate in English

We are looking for participants, who:

  • 18+ years old

  • excited about the project idea and objectives

  • preferably have some background in working with youth

  • enthusiastic, supportive, willing to take the initiative and encourage others

  • ready to develop and deliver workshops for the group

  • eager to improve facilitation skills

  • able to freely communicate in English

You can apply as a Group Leader if you are:

Project Steps


Online meeting: interactive sessions to establish a connection withing participants and address possible concerns. Establishing communication inside the national teams. 

April - May 2024


Going together through various activities of the programme including the disconnection part.

Overcoming challenges and gaining awareness of mindful technology usage and digital well-being. 

28 May - 4 June 2024


Keep in touch and share personal results and best practices for healthy  technology usage. Creating meaningful actions in  your country (workshops, seminars, meetings) to impact your community.

June - July 2024

The Programme

Arrivals & Welcoming

28 May: Day 1

Starting Disconnection

29 May: Day 2

Strengs & Weakneses

30 May: Day 3

"Slowing down" activities

31 May: Day 4



1 June: Day 5

Outdoor day and pic-nic

2 June: Day 6

Reconnection & conclusion

3 June: Day 7

Departure after lunch

4 June


During 6 days participants will be asked to disconnect from their technological devices and engage in various activities to discover themselves and their relationships with others. This immersive experience, guided by facilitators, aims to foster genuine human connections. Instead of being online, we will engage in various live interactions to stimulate creativity, empathy, and teamwork. It's a regular practice we implement during our projects and we will ensure a safe space for participants to be secure that disconnection will lead to positive results

During this period, we firmly discourage and prohibit the use of any digital gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. The goal of this phase is to encourage a complete disengagement from the digital world and allow participants to fully immerse themselves in the present moment, free from the distractions and
dependencies that technology often brings.

Be free Youth Exchange

If you're fascinated by the idea of the project and ready to take the challenge, explore which practicalities lay behind beyond  

Project Venue

The Youth Exchange is set to take place in the village Bergolo, situated on top of the picturesque hills of Alta Langa (in the rural area of North Italy), with a modest population of 68 inhabitants.

That makes it a perfect place for disconnection. 

Our accommodation for the duration of the program will be the cozy Alveare Hostel, named "The Hive," which offers a welcoming ambiance and a communal dining area, comfortable shared bedrooms with 2/3/4 beds, a well-equipped kitchen catering to group needs, and a spacious terrace providing captivating views of the surrounding hills. 

The hostel has a laundry room, and public "Wi-Fi for EU" is available for anyone. 

Travel costs, accommodation, food, and the programme itself are co-funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ program

To be entitled to reimbursement, we ask you to participate fully in the 3 steps of the project: preparation, dissemination and follow-up


The travel costs will be reimbursed for the amount shown in the original boarding passes, tickets, and invoices, up to the limits indicated in the chart below.


According to Erasmus+ regulations, participants must travel from their country of residence to the venue and back, no alternative routes are allowed. As well as no late arrivals or early departures

Amounts in the tabel below are the MAXIMUM amounts that will be reimbursed, all the costs exceeding these amounts should be covered by the participant

Arrival day - 28th May

(arrive before 16:00 in Italy)

Departure day - 4th June (after lunch)

You can arrive and leave on time comfortably with the bus we will provide   

Local transfer will be provided by us between the train station in Alessandria (closest reaching point) and the venue. The cost of it (65 EUR) is already deducted from maximum travel budget

According to Erasmus+ regulation, you can start your travel up to 48h before arrival day, and arrive back to your country the latest 48h after departure day


210 €


210 €


210 €


210 €


23 €

Participation Fee

We ask you to contribute to the implementation of the project with a participation fee:

50 EUR for Italy; 40 EUR for Portugal, Spain and Greece; 30 EUR for Bulgaria 

For us, as a non-profit organisation, your contribution gives support to maintain our activities and keep spreading well-being among youth

The amount of participation fee is calculated proportionally according to the average net wage of each country. 


In case the participation fee represents a real obstacle to your participation, please let us know in the application form

3 meals per day + plus 2 coffee breaks will be offered to participants

The food during the project will be vegan / vegetarian.

We stand for the sustainable and mindful approach also when it comes to meals and believe that our participants will share our values and enjoy it with us


As a group, we will be responsible for taking care of the space we're using. Participants will take part in simple duties (preparing coffee breaks, arranging and cleaning the dining area, cleaning the common spaces and their own rooms etc.)  

It is an educational choice: we believe that it is relevant to learn to take care of our own needs as a group. In case you are searching for an experience where somebody else is cleaning for you or serving you, this Youth Exchange is not suitable for you


New Wellness Education - APS was founded in January 2020. We specialize in the education of youth and training of professionals with the main focus on mental and physical well-being, fostering at the same time the recognition and quality of youth work

Our Mission is to provide educational opportunities to youth and young professionals, supporting them in their process of growth, maximizing their psycho-physical well-being by offering learning opportunities connected to their educational and working environment having a positive impact on their local communities

Our Partners

Our Partners

Our Team

Timothé Élie

Coordinator and facilitator from France. After ESC volunteering with New Wellness Education he started the path of youth worker being involved as a mentor, coordinator, facilitator and translator. 

Artis Kundrats

Youth Worker and non-formal educator/trainer from Latvia. He has years of experience in the field of youth as a volunteer, project coordinator, youth camp organizer and facilitator, young people mentor and educational workshop creator in different corners of Europe. His main interests are personal development, self-awareness and embodiment

Valentina Biancalana

Youth Worker and Trainer from Italy. She is working with international youngsters in two NGOs in Northern Italy, where she is dealing with project coordination and project design. Her main interests are personal development self awareness and inclusion 

Ana Cobano

Member of New Wellness Team. She joined a youth work through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme and developed skills of facilitator, team supervisor, project writing and project manager. Her personal interest are permaculture gardening, especially it's didactic potential  

If you believe this project is what you're looking for and you want to participate

Fill in the Application Form

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